Sell books at cost. Keep 100% of the proceeds.

No up front payment, no inventory of books.

Raise money for your work or organization!

Contributors, volunteers, and invited participants can be part of a distribution partnership with Outside Mental Health.

Here’s how it works: (Download flyer here.)

Sign up by sending an email to outsidementalhealth (at)

Put sales info on your site and Facebook page, email lists and on your literature tables, a badge, a page, a button. You can download assets, graphics, and code here. Add the book to your online store, bundle it with your sales promotion, use it for fundraising – however you want to promote it.

Collect your payments through PayPal, through your shopping cart, etc at $18/ book plus $3.99 postage (postage higher for international shipping).

Place an order for the book, directly by emailing OutsideMentalHealth (at) You’ll receive a link to pay at cost: $9+ shipping & handling.

We ship the book to the buyer and you keep all the proceeds: $9/book, to support your work or organization.

(You can also order multiple copies of the book, at cost to be shipped to you, and then sell them for $18/book. And keep the proceeds for your work or organization at an even higher rate. Just contact OutsideMentalHealth (at)


Promote Outside Mental Health at bookstores and libraries and raise money from a commission!

Are you a mental health advocate? You can raise money for your work through promoting Outside Mental Health to local bookstores, local literature tables, and your local library.

Here’s how it works:

Contact your local bookstore, library, or literature table at an organization and get them interested in carrying Outside Mental Health.

Sign up by sending an email to outsidementalhealth (at)

Order books from OutsideMentalHealth (at), at cost: $9+ shipping & handling.

Provide the books directly to the  local bookstore, library, or literature table.

They either pay you for the book, or they wait and pay you when the books are sold (this is called “consignment” in bookselling).

Keep the proceeds from the book sales for you and your work.


Distribute Outside Mental Health

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